Artists Biographies

In order to fulfill our monument objective of emoting a true personal experience. The art must carry the burden of depicting, with high impact, the intensity, horror and challenge of Battle. The viewer needs to be brought, emotionally and visually into the challenges and bravery demanded upon Veterans to overcome tyranny and preserve the freedoms they enjoy.

Each of our Combat Artists work is devoted to illustrating the true nature of war and putting you directly into the fight. Their work, now combined with other colleagues art provide an experience, panel after panel on the monument, that provides the visual and emotional experience for visitors that reinforces the memories of those who gave their all to preserve Democracy.

Below are brief biographies or examples of the artist works. Direct links to Artist or their Estates websites are provided for additional information or opportunities to purchase their wide range of work from existing Galleries. These artists have contributed their work to insure the impact of the RVMW makes listing impact on our visitors to the Monument.

Colonel Charles Waterhouse Estate              

Howard David Johnson                      

James Dietz    

Don Stivers Estate                                          

John Shaw                                          

Dan Nance     

Robert Taylor                                                 

Anthony Saunders                              

Kurt Miller

National Museum of the Marine Corps

US Naval Art Productions      

US Army National Museum