Monument Artwork/Artists

Each of the Monuments will feature Combat Art of that specific war (campaign) with an emphasis on highlighting key historical events. There will be 8 individual art panels per side of each monument. Permissions for use of existing artwork images from nine world renowned Combat Artists, the Naval , Army and Marine Corps Museums and images libraries has been obtained.

Most of the WWII 16 selections have been obtained. One side will be the Pacific Campaign and the other the European. Continued searches for additional resources and artist to finalize that design and future Walkway monuments wars are ongoing. These will provide image selections for Korea/Vietnam and the Gulf/Iraq/Afghanistan Wars granite panels..

Artwork selections for the WWII Memorial are in process with artist works on file. Many of their portfolios include illustrations of other Wars that will be used on our next two monuments to be promoted and built to complete the Veterans Memorial’s Walk. As we proceed, efforts to enlist additional artist’ are ongoing to insure the finished designs cover key elements of each war.

Final images will be reviewed for their ability to be transferred to the B&W Laser etching process while still maintaining the integrity and visual impact of the work. Most images will be cropped to fit the vertical 4×8 granite panel spacing.

Artist Credits 

Images used will be credited with the Artist’s name under each image used on the monument panel. Additional Artist information, biographies, examples of works and a web link of their choice added on the Project Website under “Artists Bio’s” tab. . Credits will be applied on all promotional support materials used to raise funds and on all monument brochures or printed matter.

Artists will be allowed to use the “Official Sponsor” RVMW Logo and be mentioned in initial Press Releases and media interviews. Most artists are donating the usage which is tax deductible under the 501c3 project Non-Profit and State of WI Charitable organization guidelines.