Project Objective

The objective of the Memorials is to perpetuate preserve and honor the significance of the sacrifices made by thousands of Marines, Soldiers, Airmen and Sailors, that left the comfort of their lives to travel halfway across the world to jungles, forests, frigid mountains, oceans and deserts to fight the enemies of humanity. Too often never returning alive.

It has been argued that today’s educational curriculum does not adequately cover America’s war history and efforts. Nor does it do justice to highlighting the true valor and bravery our young men and women made during these dire times. Or the strength and courage they enacted to protect the very rights and privileges that so often younger generations take for granted.

Addressing this issue, our objective therefore expands far beyond a simple Memorial. The Project will eventually provide Educational support materials, films, Veteran speaker and presentation elements to schools. There are National Historical and Military Museums that are already providing archival art to the Project and have numerous educational tools available to contribute.\

These objectives will be coordinated to develop a complete American Veterans experience for students. Support from County and City civic leaders could be coupled with an expanded all day field trip to the monuments and the Racine Veterans Center & Legacy Museum for presentations and a meal. In the future, extending visits to include the new Pritzker Archives & Memorial Park Center planned seven miles away in Somers, WI will be explored.

The Veterans Walk will accommodate various Veterans and civic events by possibly adding a small parade field adjacent to the Walk. The area will be a natural draw to attendees at other activities in the Pritchard Park Sports fields. Tie-ins with the Johnson Water Park facility could be part of the Veterans tour for younger children.

Therefore, the overall objective of the Memorials are to provide a Visitors destination for Tourists, the local Community to experience a true tribute to Veterans and all to enjoy the beauty of Pritchard Park’s facilities. In tandem with the general Memorial experience, the Veterans Walk will provide a venue for Veterans and Civic events.

Just as important, the Memorial will provide a cornerstone for building an Educational Experience, for younger generations to gain a better perspective on America’s Veterans. This will be supported through work-book materials, presentations, films and tours for schools.

Not only will the Memorials “Preserve and Honor” the Veterans who devoted their time, bravery and sometimes lives to their country. But, provide a true historical representation of their sacrifices and victories for the younger generation.

 It’s been 28 years since the last significant Veterans Memorial was built at Pritchard Park. Racine is long overdue for a significant Memorial effort to honor all our Veterans.