Monument Production

We have defined three categories of production. First is resources for the production of the Laser Image panels artwork and their installation capabilities along with product guarantees, Second will be the selection of local Contractors for the building of the base elements and adjacent walkways. Third the landscaping design and placement to be done by area contractor.

The Laser Imaging phase has been estimated and artwork is being selected to develop mock-ups for PR, website and promotional use. The production of the monument base is being presented to local contractors for pricing.

The design look will be a combination of a Lannon Stone Base with the laser panels centered and placed within the Lannon Stone upper cap, endcaps and base risers. Final drawings and detail are in work for the first World War 2 Monument, consisting of 16 panels. The design will be either a two-sided 8 panels per side unit or 38 ft. Or a one sided 16 panel long design of 70 ft.

To provide a better idea of the finished product the below images of other monuments are provided to show the Lannon Stone base and end-cap element and the expanded multi-panel impact which would be trimmed with the Lannon Stone. Entryway and lead in planters will also be worked into the design as again depicted in images below.